Recording Fees

Mortgage Certificates For Property Bonds
Will Be Issued After
3:30 PM

in Accordance with
August 18,2014
TO: St. John Clerk of Court Customers
     On June 23,2014, Act No.826 was signed by Governor Jindal, which law allows for the establishment of a statewide portal for internet users to have remote access to Clerks of Court throughout the state. The portal will allow users to search the mortgage and conveyance indices of all participating clerks at no charge. After the user searches the indices on the statewide portal, if they find a record that they would like to access, the portal will connect the user to the website of the specific Clerk of Court.
     St. John Clerk’s office has decided to participate. The legislature approved a fee of $5.00 per recording on all land documents recorded in the office of the participating clerks, which will go towards the design. construction, administration and maintenance of the statewide portal. This fee will be implemented by all participating Clerks of Court on September I. 2014.
Thank you for your patronage and I appreciate your cooperation in implementing this change. Should you or your staff have any questions regarding the new fee, please call Felicia Feist, Chief Deputy and Recording Department Supervisor,
at 985-497-3331 ext. 2104.
R.S. 13:844
R.S. 9:5217
If a judgment or lien being recorded does not include the information required by this article.
The recorder shall be entitled to collect a fee not to exceed $25 per debtor in addition to the application
fee set forth in R.S. 13:841.
A person recording an affidavit of distinction pursuant to R.S. 9:5501 through 5503 shall not be required
to pay a fee for recording the affidavit of distinction

Conveyance or Mortgage
Recordings are Effective as of 8-1-2017 per  Act. 173

Cancellation Recording$55.00
1 - 5 pages$105.00
6 - 25 pages$205.00
26 - 50 pages$305.00
For each name indexed after the 10th name $5.00
Conformed Copy$5.00
Act 826 (included in cost)$5.00
Certified Copy$10.00

For documents more than 50 pages, $305.00 for the first 50 and $5.00 for each additional.
Any page larger than 8 1/2 x 14 an additional $20.00 per page.

Example: First Owner is Included. Each additional owner & lender are $5.00 each.

Dual Recordings (Conveyance and Mortgage)

1 - 5 pages$205.00
6 - 25 pages$405.00
26 - 50 pages$605.00

For documents more than 50 pages, $605.00 for the first 50 and $10.00 for each additional.
Any page larger than 8 1/2 x 14 an additional $20.00 per page.

Subdivision Plats

1 - 5 pages$125.00
6 - 25 pages$225.00
26 - 50 pages$325.00


Cancellations with Original Paraphed Note$15.00
Cancellation Certificate$5.00
Clear Lien Certificate$20.00
Mortgage Certificate (First Name)$20.00
Each Additional Name and Property$10.00
Certification Per Document$10.00
Search for the First Five Years$10.00
Search for Each Additional Year$2.00
Manual Search (Per Book)$5.00
Copies per Page$2.00

Recording Forms


Request for Cancellation
Release by Obligee of Record
Request for Cancellation by Licensed Financial Institution
Uniform Cancellation Affidavit (for mortgages and vendor's liens) As per LA R.S. 9:5166