UCC Filing Fees

UCC Fees as per R.S. 10:9-525
UCC-1 Initial Financing Statement

One page one debtor, including termination fee$30.00
Each additional debtor name$10.00
Fixtures, extracted collateral, and other$40.00


Search request (one name debtor per request)$30.00

UCC-3 Amendments

Continuation (one page)$25.00
Assignments (one page)$25.00
Collateral change (one page)$25.00
Any changes to a UCC - one page -$25.00

Termination is included in UCC-1 fee
Additional Filing Fees (add to basic fees)

Nonstandard form (additional fee)$15.00
Each additional debtor name$10.00
Each additional page$2.00
Master assignment/amendment per financing statement$5.00

Certificate (Debtor/Secured Party)

Per name up to ten statements$30.00
Each statement thereafter$1.00
UCC & Crop Filing$35.00
Crop Filing only$25.00

UCC Copies

Copies of documents (per page)$2.00
Certification of copy$5.00

UCC Filing Clerk – Ext. 2173